Cricut print and cut tutorial [2021] using an image and shape in Design Space

Rating: 5 out of 5.

PART 2: Tutorial for Cricut print and cut — using an image and a shape

If you haven’t mastered Cricut print and cut with just some text and a shape, be sure and take a look at this tutorial first.

Cricut print then cut: Design Space Shape + Image

In this part 2 tutorial: you will learn how to attach an image onto a shape. As I mentioned in my previous tutorial, the flatten tool can be really tricky and a little glitchy, but you will have no problems as long as you follow these steps.

how to print then cut

Start by opening Design space

and choose a shape for your project. For my example, I will choose the hexagon.

Select a shape

Change the color and size of your shape.

cricut maker print and cut

Add an image

Select images and find an image in the gallery. of Design Space I went with a unicorn (#MA4E261A is the code in DS).

cricut maker print and cut

Resize the image, then with only the image selected, find operation in the top toolbar.

cricut maker print and cut

Double check your layers panel

Your layers panel should look similar to mine. Only the image you are printing onto the shape, which you will be cutting) should say Print Then Cut. Notice that the shape still says basic cut.

cricut maker print and cut

Now we are going to flatten the layers, but it is very important you flatten by selecting layers in the layers panel.

Deselect everything by clicking anywhere on the blank canvas.

In the LAYERS PANEL (not boxing layers for selection — see video below), select the layers individually by selecting the group of layers from the image, and the shape while holding shift. Select Flatten.

Video tutorial

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Cricut print and cut tutorial [2021] Pt. 1

Rating: 5 out of 5.

PART 1: Cricut print and cut tutorial series, where you will learn how to print and cut an image with a shape.

print then cut cricut
how to print then cut

Part 3: Cricut print and cut: image + text onto shape

Part 4: Cricut print and cut: image + text on image

The flatten tool in Design Space can be a real booger. If you are having trouble with the print and cut feature in Cricut Design Space, you aren’t the first! I have an easy trick to make things much more simple so follow these steps below.

Cricut supplies used for this project

Cricut print and cut: text to shape

Open Design Space and create a new project.

Let’s start by selecting a shape.

Select shapes, then choose from the options provided. For this example I chose the heart and changed the color to pink.

how to print and cut on cricut

Now select the Text tool and create your text. Then select the font of your choosing. For this example, I used FB-LoveHearts — my absolute FAVORITE!

This tutorial will show you how to download FREE fonts to Cricut Design Space

Resize your text to fit in the shape, and select a color.

With your text still selected, at the very top of the Design Space toolbar you should see “Operation”. This is how you will change your text from basic cut to print then cut (standard). **Do not select the shape, only your text**

Do not change the the shape’s operation, or it will not cut.

print and cut cricut

Next to your text only, you should see Print Then Cut.

print then cut cricut

Now is when things can get tricky. Due to a program glitch, you MUST select the layers from the layers panel by holding shift and selecting each layer (don’t try to box them in). Once both layers are darkened in the layers panel, select flatten.

If you’re still confused, see the video below to better understand.

So with the example above, if I were ready to actually make this flattened project, here would be the two steps:

  • (1) print out the heart exactly how it looks
  • (2) put printed heart paper onto a cutting mat, and let Cricut cut the heart out
print then cut cricut

Cricut print and cut: image to shape

Cricut print and cut: image + text on shape

Cricut print and cut: image + text on another image

If you are unfamiliar with the basic Cricut tools, be sure and start with this Cricut tool guide.

Cricut Cheat Sheet — [Free PDF] What are the Cricut Tools used for?

There are so many Cricut tools, it can become overwhelming when trying to decide which ones you need, or don’t!

This cheat sheet will be your best guide to find out if each of these tools is something you might find useful.

Here are the most used Cricut tools with a short explanation of what they are used for.

Cricut Tools and how they are used

  • Weeder: removes negative cuts, especially important
  • XL Scraper: cleans cutting mats and applies vinyl on larger surfaces
  • Small Scraper: used to burnish and apply designs with ease for smaller projects
  • Reverse Tweezers: can pick up tiny scrap and hold small things in place using reverse action
  • Portable Trimmer: Easy glide system means accurate cuts and straight lines
  • EasyPress: used with heat transfer vinyl for professional iron on results in 60 seconds or less
  • BrightPad: illuminates fine lines for tracing, cut lines (glitter vinyl), and weeding
  • Cricut Pens: pens specifically designed for Cricut – perfect for cards, invites, and coloring pages
  • Fine Tweezers: great for weeding tiny pieces of vinyl — especially when the project is intricate
  • Piercing tool: allows accurate placement of fine cuts and embellishments
  • Quilling tool: allows accurate placement of fine cuts and embellishments
  • Brayer: ideal for getting materials (especially fabric) to adhere to the cutting mat properly
  • Infusible Ink™: Produces vibrant, pro-quality transfers that last a lifetime — will not flake, peel, or fade
  • Bonded-Fabric Blade: cuts both basic and intricate designs in bonded fabric and felt
  • Foil Transfer Kit: embellishes Cricut foil sheets using pressure for stunning effects
  • Engraving Tip: used to engrave on metal like dog tags, name plates, inscribed as jewelry, monograms
  • Spatula: carefully lifts cut images from the machine mat
  • Scoring Stylus: creates fold lines for things like cards, envelopes, or 3d boxes
  • True Control Knife: blade lock system gives you better control to cut through paper, fabric, plastic, canvas
  • Scissors: stainless steel scissors with a micro-tip blade on the end for better precision
  • Green cutting mat: standard grip mat for cardstock, iron-on, infusible ink, pattern paper and vinyl
  • Purple cutting mat: heavyweight grip mat for chipboard, mat board, specialty cardstock and backed fabric
  • Blue cutting mat: lightweight grip mat, for things like construction paper, computer paper, and vellum
  • Pink cutting mat: grip mat used for cutting fabrics (cotton, polyester, denim, felt, and canvas)

IT MATTERS what kind of vinyl is used for wine glasses

Personalized wine glasses are growing in popularity. They’re fun, easy, and they make for a really nice gift. But before you start slapping vinyl on your glass, you need to know what kind of vinyl is used for wine glasses.

Not all vinyl is created equal. It ranges not just from the type of vinyl, but the brand plays a huge role as well. Find out what the best type of vinyl is for wine glasses to keep your beautiful designs from peeling away.

The difference between the two types of adhesive vinyl — 631 and 651


There are two types of adhesive vinyl — 631 vinyl and 651 vinyl. They may look similar, but they are actually very different types of vinyl.

631 Vinyl


631 vinyl is the most popular vinyl for Silhouette and Cricut cutting machines. It is a removable, or a non-permanent, adhesive vinyl. It is for indoor use, and should only be used on a surface that wouldn’t normally get much traffic.

All 631 vinyl has a matte finish, and is resistant to water, but not waterproof. It has a 3 year life when used indoors (and not bothered), but can be removed at any time.

631 vinyl is great for projects like:

651 Vinyl



Unlike 631 vinyl, 651 vinyl is permanent vinyl that for outdoor use. It is a fully waterproof vinyl with a 6 year life outdoors.

651 vinyl is typically a little more glossy, which provides it with that extra layer of protection.

651 vinyl is best for projects like:

Just to be clear: 651 vinyl is your friend if you are using it for wine glasses. But now we need to talk about brand, and why it matters.

The best brand of 651 vinyl for wine glasses

I have tried absolutely every brand of vinyl known to man. I wanted to love so many of the other ones — I really did! But I always came back to what is truly the most durable for wine glasses — Oracle.

I have found that any brand other than Oracle 651 vinyl is going to peel up on the edges. You have been warned!

631 vinyl is a removable vinyl, while 651 is permanent. The kind of vinyl that is used for wine glasses is 651 vinyl.

In order to keep your vinyl from peeling up on the edges after a wash or two, it’s important to buy durable vinyl. Oracle 651 is, hands down, the best permanent vinyl there is.

Cricut Cheat Sheet [FREE Printable]

This Cricut Cheat Sheet explains the different tools in Cricut Design Space.

Print the guide, or Pin it for later use! This Cricut cheat sheet will show you the difference between the tools you will use in Design Space: weld, slice, group, attach, flatten, contour and color sync. Don’t forget to check out my other Cricut tutorials!

Cfricut Cheat sheet: weld, slice, group, attach, flatten, contour, color sync


Welding in Cricut Design Space allows you to connect letters and connect two or more objects to form one. To use this tool, simply select the text or objects you wish to weld together. For a more in depth explanation, check out the Cricut tutorial on welding letters.


The Slice tool in Cricut Design Space allows you to cut one shape into another. To use the slice tool, select the two (and only two) objects/text and select slice. slice

Slice tool cricut design space


The group tool in Cricut Design Space allows you to group multiple layers or text together. To group objects together, select both/all objects and select group. This tool is great for scaling a project.

group tool cricut design space


Attach in Design Space is basically a paper clip — it allows you to keep your project together from canvas to the cutting mat, unlike the group tool which only applies to the canvas. To use the attach tool, select the objects on your canvas you wish to “stay put”, then select attach.

Attach in Design Space


The flatten tool in Cricut Design Space consolidates multi-layer project and turns it into a single later. This tool is used specifically for for Print then Cut.

This is a great example of when you will need to use this tool!

flatten tool in Cricut Design Space


The contour tool in Cricut Design Space allows you to hide unwanted lines, or create new cut lines. This tool works great when wanting to hide unwanted holes, or when you want to create a background layer.

Color Sync

The color sync tool in Cricut Design Space allows you to effortlessly match or consolidate colors by simply dragging the objects into the corresponding box with the color of your choosing.

 the color sync tool in Cricut Design Space