Cricut print and cut tutorial [2021] Pt. 1

Cricut Print then cut

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PART 1: Cricut print and cut tutorial series, where you will learn how to print and cut an image with a shape.

print then cut cricut
how to print then cut

Part 3: Cricut print and cut: image + text onto shape

Part 4: Cricut print and cut: image + text on image

The flatten tool in Design Space can be a real booger. If you are having trouble with the print and cut feature in Cricut Design Space, you aren’t the first! I have an easy trick to make things much more simple so follow these steps below.

Cricut supplies used for this project

Cricut print and cut: text to shape

Open Design Space and create a new project.

Let’s start by selecting a shape.

Select shapes, then choose from the options provided. For this example I chose the heart and changed the color to pink.

how to print and cut on cricut

Now select the Text tool and create your text. Then select the font of your choosing. For this example, I used FB-LoveHearts — my absolute FAVORITE!

This tutorial will show you how to download FREE fonts to Cricut Design Space

Resize your text to fit in the shape, and select a color.

With your text still selected, at the very top of the Design Space toolbar you should see “Operation”. This is how you will change your text from basic cut to print then cut (standard). **Do not select the shape, only your text**

Do not change the the shape’s operation, or it will not cut.

print and cut cricut

Next to your text only, you should see Print Then Cut.

print then cut cricut

Now is when things can get tricky. Due to a program glitch, you MUST select the layers from the layers panel by holding shift and selecting each layer (don’t try to box them in). Once both layers are darkened in the layers panel, select flatten.

If you’re still confused, see the video below to better understand.

So with the example above, if I were ready to actually make this flattened project, here would be the two steps:

  • (1) print out the heart exactly how it looks
  • (2) put printed heart paper onto a cutting mat, and let Cricut cut the heart out
print then cut cricut

Cricut print and cut: image to shape

Cricut print and cut: image + text on shape

Cricut print and cut: image + text on another image

If you are unfamiliar with the basic Cricut tools, be sure and start with this Cricut tool guide.

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