Cricut print and cut tutorial [2021] using an image and shape in Design Space

Cricut Print then cut tutorial

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PART 2: Tutorial for Cricut print and cut — using an image and a shape

If you haven’t mastered Cricut print and cut with just some text and a shape, be sure and take a look at this tutorial first.

Cricut print then cut: Design Space Shape + Image

In this part 2 tutorial: you will learn how to attach an image onto a shape. As I mentioned in my previous tutorial, the flatten tool can be really tricky and a little glitchy, but you will have no problems as long as you follow these steps.

how to print then cut

Start by opening Design space

and choose a shape for your project. For my example, I will choose the hexagon.

Select a shape

Change the color and size of your shape.

cricut maker print and cut

Add an image

Select images and find an image in the gallery. of Design Space I went with a unicorn (#MA4E261A is the code in DS).

cricut maker print and cut

Resize the image, then with only the image selected, find operation in the top toolbar.

cricut maker print and cut

Double check your layers panel

Your layers panel should look similar to mine. Only the image you are printing onto the shape, which you will be cutting) should say Print Then Cut. Notice that the shape still says basic cut.

cricut maker print and cut

Now we are going to flatten the layers, but it is very important you flatten by selecting layers in the layers panel.

Deselect everything by clicking anywhere on the blank canvas.

In the LAYERS PANEL (not boxing layers for selection — see video below), select the layers individually by selecting the group of layers from the image, and the shape while holding shift. Select Flatten.

Video tutorial

Please let me know what you thought of the tutorial by commenting below!

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