How to download a free font to your computer

download fonts

1. Visit dafont — a free font website

2. Pick a font to download

for this example, I have chosen Asdonuts.

Click download on the righthand side of the font.

A new window should pop up somewhere — depending on your settings. Mine is at the bottom of my browser. If you aren’t seeing your download, go to the downloads folder on your computer.

Open the download and a .zip file will appear. Double click that to open the folder.

Once you see the folder icon, double click again to open.

Then you’ll see either a .otf file or .ttf file — sometimes both (like my case in this example). Select either one by double clicking.

Then select install font

Once your font is installed, you can double check that your font was installed correctly bu looking through your font library and finding the recently downloaded font.

Double check to be sure font was installed correctly

When the font appears in your font library, it is correctly installed on your computer to use anywhere!

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