How to download font: KG BENEATH YOUR BEAUTIFUL

This quick tutorial will show you how to download font KG BENEATH YOUR BEAUTIFUL for your editable digital file purchased from my Etsy shop.

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1. How to find the free font

To find the font: KG BENEATH YOUR BEAUTIFUL, go to If the link doesn’t take you directly to KG BENEATH YOUR BEAUTIFUL, then do a search at the top for that font.

Once you find the font, and your screen looks similar to the one shown below, select download.

editable document Etsy

2. Open your computer’s downloads folder, or open the direct download link if yours is set up that way

Depending on your computer, your file will download to a folder. For me, my downloads appear in the bottom bar of my screen. Select the folder to open the download.

**It could also download to the bottom bar of your browser, so if you aren’t sure where your download went, check there first.

3. Select the most folder with KG BENEATH YOUR BEAUTIFUL to see your download options

4. Select the font names KG BENEATH YOUR BEAUTIFUL CHUNK — this is very important or this will not work when you try to edit it.

The font must be exactly the way it was programed in the document, which is KG BENEATH YOUR BEAUTIFUL CHUNK. You may download both is you choose, but be sure you download the correct one or the document will use a default font.

5. Select “install font” after opening the correct .ttf file

6. Double check your Font Book to make sure the font was downloaded to your computer

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