How to download fonts on iPhone

how to download fonts on iphone from dafont

This guide will show you how to download fonts on iPhone. If you have purchased an editable file from my Etsy shop, this guide will walk you through the process of downloading a font so that your font will be the same as the document I provided you with. Be sure and check the files to find the correct font so that your font will match.

if you are not on an iPhone and want to know how to download fonts on your computer, see this post.

To download a font on your iPhone, you first need to install a free app called iFont. Head to your app store and search for this app.

Now that you’ve downloaded the free font app, head to your browser and type in

Do a search for the font that you are downloading in the search box, then select “download”.

After you select “download” another screen will pop up — select “download” again.

In the top right hand corner of your browser, you will see a little down arrow. This is how you open your download. Select the down arrow, then select the file you have just downloaded.

Now you will see a list of your downloads, including the font you have just downloaded. Select that file.

A folder will then appear after you select the .zip file. Select the folder.

A screen like the one below will appear. Now select the font (.ttf file).

*in this example, they offer both regular and bold. Download both variations.

You will see the font displayed as it is shown below. Now select the box with an arrow, found in the bottom left corner.

Then select the app you have just downloaded — named iFont.**note: if you do not see the app here, scroll across until you see the “more” button. select that and find the app.

Next, you will see the font appear in your app. Select “install” next to the font you have just downloaded.

A screen like the one below will pop up. Select “allow”.

Then you will see a guide to finish the download. I will walk you through that process in the next step.

Go to your phone settings.

Then select Profile Downloaded

You will see the font, and in the top right corner, select “install”.

Enter your passcode on your phone (if you have one)

Then select “install”

Select “install” again.

Now select “done” in the top right-hand corner.

Now when you go back to the app, you will see the font with the word “installed” next to it. This is how you will know that the font has been successfully installed on your phone.

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