Fluffy Keto Pancakes Recipe + Chocolate Chips

This is my favorite keto pancakes recipe because they have a little hint of chocolate and peanut butter, and they come out oh so fluffy! These pancakes are for everyone — my kids beg for them! They are also perfect for pregnant mama’s concerned about gestational diabetes or moms who are breastfeeding and want toContinue reading “Fluffy Keto Pancakes Recipe + Chocolate Chips”

Keto Diet while Breastfeeding: A Personal Experience

A personal experience about switching to a keto diet while breastfeeding. Use these steps to ensure that you don’t lose your milk supply while your body transitions.

Keto Diet and Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes is heavily affected by diet, so the low carb keto diet approach can help lower fasting glucose and postprandial numbers to within the normal range.