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Hey fellow mamas, and welcome to The Momma Llama! I’m Courtney Bishop aka The Momma Llama!

Just a little about who I am–I am a stay at home momma to four littles, ages 6 and under. They are truly the biggest blessings in my life. I am also a proud Army wife, with a marriage I could have only dreamed about.

My kiddos are all very young–ages 6, 4, 2 and 3 months–so trust me when I say I know that momma life ain’t easy! I have a kindergartener, a preschooler, a very energetic toddler (who loves coloring with crayons on surfaces they don’t belong), and an infant. Being a momma is absolutely the busiest job in the entire world, and it’s hard to remember how grand the payoff is in the end. But it’s the most rewarding job of all time.

I decided to start this blog to talk about all things momma. I hope you will see this content as a resource, commongrounds, a place to vent, where you will find inspiration, and most importantly, a place where you feel the freedom to share your experiences as well.

My hobbies include running, nutrition, working out (especially on my Peloton since I don’t have much time for the gym anymore, woot woot!), crafting, and soaking in a borderline scalding bathtub with lavender flavored bath bombs…mmm. Although I spend much less time getting to enjoy these things, I make it a point to squeeze them in regularly because it’s so important to relax and refresh.

The blogs I will post will let you in a little deeper into my life. I will post everything about mom life–always in complete honesty, even when that’s hard to do. I truly look forward to hearing your feedback, and learning from each of the seasoned momma’s as well!


Courtney Bishop –The Momma Llama

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