IT MATTERS what kind of vinyl is used for wine glasses

Personalized wine glasses are growing in popularity. They’re fun, easy, and they make for a really nice gift. But before you start slapping vinyl on your glass, you need to know what kind of vinyl is used for wine glasses.

Not all vinyl is created equal. It ranges not just from the type of vinyl, but the brand plays a huge role as well. Find out what the best type of vinyl is for wine glasses to keep your beautiful designs from peeling away.

The difference between the two types of adhesive vinyl — 631 and 651


There are two types of adhesive vinyl — 631 vinyl and 651 vinyl. They may look similar, but they are actually very different types of vinyl.

631 Vinyl


631 vinyl is the most popular vinyl for Silhouette and Cricut cutting machines. It is a removable, or a non-permanent, adhesive vinyl. It is for indoor use, and should only be used on a surface that wouldn’t normally get much traffic.

All 631 vinyl has a matte finish, and is resistant to water, but not waterproof. It has a 3 year life when used indoors (and not bothered), but can be removed at any time.

631 vinyl is great for projects like:

651 Vinyl



Unlike 631 vinyl, 651 vinyl is permanent vinyl that for outdoor use. It is a fully waterproof vinyl with a 6 year life outdoors.

651 vinyl is typically a little more glossy, which provides it with that extra layer of protection.

651 vinyl is best for projects like:

Just to be clear: 651 vinyl is your friend if you are using it for wine glasses. But now we need to talk about brand, and why it matters.

The best brand of 651 vinyl for wine glasses

I have tried absolutely every brand of vinyl known to man. I wanted to love so many of the other ones — I really did! But I always came back to what is truly the most durable for wine glasses — Oracle.

I have found that any brand other than Oracle 651 vinyl is going to peel up on the edges. You have been warned!

631 vinyl is a removable vinyl, while 651 is permanent. The kind of vinyl that is used for wine glasses is 651 vinyl.

In order to keep your vinyl from peeling up on the edges after a wash or two, it’s important to buy durable vinyl. Oracle 651 is, hands down, the best permanent vinyl there is.

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